Decks and Fences

Decks and Fences


We all enjoy a beautifully furnished deck, flower pots strategically placed and something savory cooking on the grill.
But take a closer look...

Does your deck need a fresh coat of stain or paint? Have you maybe put it off for just a little too long?

Remember, stains and paints are far more important than just making the deck look nice. The very life of those boards depends on keeping a good protective coating product on them!

If you don't protect it, you'll be replacing it!


Most homeowners mean well when they plan on re-staining or re-painting their deck "next weekend". But for most folks, "next weekend" never comes.

Picture Perfect Painting, LLC in Plainfield, Avon, Brownsburg & Mooresville, IN can take the stress out of trying to find time to do it yourself. Plus, we have the equipment and the know-how to get the job done professionally and in a timely manner. You'll be enjoying you "new" deck in no time and have the peace of mind that your investment is once again protected.



Drive through any neighborhood in the country and you'll see privacy fences that are well maintained with a nice color of stain on them... and you'll see some that are dull and dirty and literally "dying of thirst".

Which one is yours?


Staining a privacy fence is no small task. Therefore, homeowners put it off season after season. The enormous investment out in the back yard is slowly but surely rotting away. Don't wait too long!

Picture Perfect Painting, LLC in Plainfield, Avon, Brownsburg & Mooresville, IN can have your fence looking new again in no time. Our team of experienced painters is just a phone call away from making you (like our other customers) proud of your fence again.