Trim and Doors


The vast majority of people agree that white trim and doors in a house is much more desirable and easier to decorate with than stained trim.

If your home has stained woodwork and doors that has become dull, scratched and nicked up over the years, Picture Perfect Painting, LLC in Plainfield, IN can help.

In just a few days, our experienced painters can drastically change the appearance of your home! Nothing updates a home like transforming the dull brown trim and doors into clean white enameled trim throughout.


Changing old worn, stained trim to like-new white trim (and doors) is something best left to professionals. Picture Perfect Painting, LLC in Plainfield, IN has the expertise and years of experience in this area needed to do the job right.

Do-it-yourselfers have often used the wrong products or skipped a necessary step when attempting to paint the trim and doors, creating an unsightly nightmare. Or, even if they started with the right products and researched all the steps involved, a few days into the enormous job they soon realize this is a job for professionals.

Call Picture Perfect Painting, LLC in Plainfield, IN for a free quote to update your home!